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Invited and Special Sessions

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IS-01: Infrastructure Robotics: Smart Sensing and Perception

PKarthick Thiyagarajan, Lasitha Piyathilaka, Antony Tran, Sarath Kodagoda

Submission Code: h86st


IS-02: Modeling, control and estimation in unmanned systems

Jinwen Hu, Xiaolei Hou, Zhao Xu

Submission Code: q47g2


IS-03: Distributed Sensing, Learning and Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems

Xianwei Li, Yang Tang

Submission Code: n14ru


IS-04: Recent Advances in Cooperative Control of Swarm Systems

Xiwang Dong, Zhongkui Li

Submission Code: b4j72


IS-05: Internet of Things (IoT) Based Indoor/Outdoor Localization and Tracking

Zhenghua Chen, Chaoyang Jian

Submission Code: jvw28


IS-06: Resilience, Reliability, and Secuity of Smart Mobility of Intelligent

Transportation and Vehicles Management

Bohui Wang, Wang Yan, Yu Zhao, Ma Changxi, Langwen Zhang

Submission Code: 92hrm


IS-07: Mobile Robot Navigation, Vision and AI

Han Wang

Submission Code: 6dh83


IS-08: Intelligent Perception and Control for autonomous systems/robots

Danwei Wang, Christian Laugier

Submission Code: igmb3


IS-09: Synthesis of Discrete Event Systems for Correct-by-Construction Cyber

Physical Systems

Liyong Lin

Submission Code: sjua3


IS-10: Modelling, Fault Diagnosis and Control of Complex System

Jun Huang, Yuanhao Shi, Zhezhuang Xu, Shanying Zhu

Submission Code: r2838


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