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Invited and Special Sessions

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IS-11: Distributed Secure Control for Cyber-Physical Systems with Industrial


Chao Deng, Yan-Wu Wang

Submission Code: jtupy


IS-12: Cooperation and Security in Network-Connected Systems

Ya Zhang, Zhi Feng

Submission Code: 39c76


IS-13: Distributed Fault Tolerant Cooperative Secure Control of Networked Control


Xiangbin Liu, Shiwu YANG

Submission Code: wf45r


IS-14: DModeling, monitoring, control, and signal processing in intelligent

manufacturing systems

Haoyi Que, Shan Lu, Zhaowen Xu

Submission Code: q6694


IS-15: Emerging Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): Theory

and Application

Ping Wang, Dewei Li

Submission Code: yw4q5


IS-16: Intelligent Control of Complex Systems

Jinna Li, Chunyan Wang, Shuai Liu

Submission Code: pe1uw


IS-17: Uncertainties in Discrete Event Systems

Daowen Qiu, Weilin Deng

Submission Code: 6r2x1


IS-18: Optimization and Control for Electric Vehicles Charging Systems 

Liyan Zhang

Submission Code: e6k23


IS-19: Secure Estimation and Control in Cyber-Physical Systems 

Bo Chen, Shijian Dong

Submission Code: 1nna4


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