Invited Session 1

Infrastructure Robotics: Smart Sensing and Perception

Submission code: h86st

Karthick Thiyagarajan1 , Lasitha Piyathilaka1 , Antony Tran1 and Sarath Kodagoda1


Infrastructure Robotics is gaining significant interest among researchers throughout the globe for solving realworld problems emerging from various important infrastructures such as pipelines, bridges, roads, rail tracks, buildings, communication towers, bridges, and tunnels to name a few. Periodic monitoring and condition assessment of those infrastructures are vital for effective maintenance. Infrastructure robotic systems with advanced sensing and perception technologies can play a crucial role in the inspection process and help the asset operators to take pertinent decisions. More importantly, robotics systems can gather data where human entry is challenging. This special section in IEEE ICARCV 2020 aims to solicit manuscripts that investigate the challenges and developments of smart sensing and perception technologies for infrastructure robotic systems. Full manuscripts describing original contributions are invited.


The manuscripts can be in following topics of interest including, but not limited to:

Active sensing in infrastructure environments

Perception systems for infrastructure robots

Applications of mobile robotic sensing in critical infrastructure assets

Robotic vision in construction and urban infrastructures

Advances in sensor technologies for infrastructure health monitoring

Bio-inspired robotics for infrastructure monitoring

Machine learning and data analytic algorithms for sensing and perception systems


1The invited session proposers are with the UTS Robotics Institute (UTS:RI), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2007, Australia. Corresponding Proposer: