Invited Session 2

Modeling, control and estimation in unmanned systems

Submission code: q47g2

Jinwen Hu, Xiaolei Hou, Zhao Xu from Northwestern Polytechnical

University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P. R. China

I. Description

The unmanned system appears in a wide variety of fields. It faces many challenges such as nonlinearity, uncertain and unknown disturbance, complex environment, multiplatform cooperation, network constraints, etc. These challenges require to develop novel theories and technologies in modeling, control and estimation. This invited session aims at bringing together different experts in the field of unmanned systems to discuss the latest research results in this area of modeling, control and estimation. Of particular interest are put on the development of novel technologies, such as data learning or artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning for developing the efficient solution of modeling, control and estimation in unmanned systems, as well as the application to, for instance, target tracking, sensor networks, aerospace, and localization.