Invited Session 4

Recent Advances in Cooperative Control of Swarm Systems

Submission code: b4j72 

Xiwang Dong, Beihang University

Zhongkui Li, Peking University

Swarm systems can also be named as multi-agent systems consisting of multiple agents with neighboring interactions. Cooperative control of swarm systems has been a hot research topic in many scientific communities, especially the control and robotics communities. In the cooperative control of swarm systems, how to design the controller or protocol using only local relative information is the main challenge. Cooperative control of swarm systems is promising due to that the emerging behavior has the features of low cost, high scalability and flexibility, great robustness, and easy maintenance. It has been demonstrated that cooperative control has broad potential applications in various areas, such as cooperative control of intelligent transportation systems, distributed control of power systems, cooperation of multiple robots, distributed optimization of networked systems, formation flying of multiple satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles. Motivated by the facts stated above, more and more researchers are devoting themselves to obtain sound results on this topic.


The objective of this invited session is to present the recent advanced techniques on cooperative control for swarm systems. In particular, relevant papers include those on consensus control, consensus tracking control, containment control, formation control, formation and containment control, and distributed optimization of swarm systems,