Keynote Speakers

1 Keynote in Control
Prof Tianyou Chai
Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, IFAC Fellow and IEEE Fellow, the Founder and Director of State Key Laboratory of Synthetical Automation for Process Industries, China.
Intelligent Control System for Low-Carbon Operation of Energy Intensive Equipment

2 Keynote in Robotics
Prof Quek Tong Boon
The Chief Scientific Advisor of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Chief Executive of the National Robotics Programme as well as Advisor to the Science and Engineering Council (SERC) at A*STAR, Singapore.
Moravec’s Paradox – Is it still relevant?

3 Keynote in Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Prof Ming Lin
Barry Mersky and Capital One Endowed Professor and Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland at College Park, USA.
From Learning-based Traffic Reconstruction to Autonomous Driving